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"Bought and sold 11 properties in about 3-4 months. ... I have extra 12K in the bank and 44K coming in over the next 7 years!"

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"Bought and sold 11 properties in about 3-4 months. ... I have extra 12K in the bank and 44K coming in over the next 7 years!"

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"I am in this group it is awesome. Everyone is very helpful." - Actual member feedback.

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Mentor Members:

Jack Bosch - Creator of the "Land Profit Generator" land investing program.

Michelle Bosch - Creator of the "Ultimate Boardroom" business mentoring program.

Seth Williams - Creator of the "RETipster" real estate investing website and blog and the land investing program.

Steven (Jack) Butala and Jill DeWit- Founder of the "Land Academy" land investing program.

Member Testimonials

May 2016 - "..this is a great group! I can't believe I can post my rants and struggles and actually have the big names ... offer advice. That's awesome!"

Apr 2016 - "I am in this group it is awesome. Everyone is very helpful."

Feb 2016 - "This is an amazing site. Thanks for putting it together!"

Feb 2016 - "Thanks to everyone who takes time to both create this group and give advice, it is much appreciated!!!"

Feb 2016 - "I can already see there is tons of good info on here."

Feb 2016 - "I love the Land Automation group."

Jan 2016 - "Glad to be a part of this group and am sure that it will help me moving forward."

Jan 2016 - "This group is great. You will get a lot out of it."

Dec 2015 - "I have been thinking about what I am thankful this year. One of those things is this group..."

Dec, 2015 - "I love this forum."

Actual Member Posts:

 "Wanted to encourage everyone to keep working the system, the systems we have learned do work!  .... I mailed, bought and sold 11 properties in about 3-4 months. My total all in cost for land purchase, mailing, postage, notary, pics, etc. was jst about 15K. I sold enough for cash (vs. term) to recover all 15K plus another 12K. I created 30K of contract payments with 14K of interest, or 44K total. So above and beyond my cost, I have extra 12K in bank and 44K coming into me over next 7 years!"

"I was just contacted from one of my offer letters ... I offered $1,200 and he says he is ready and willing at $3,500 [which is] more than I want to tie up on it. I know these lots can be turned for around $4,500 quickly or arount $6,500 or more if you are patient and sell on terms. Does anybody want to buy the contract?"

"Good afternoon. I have a quick question concerning a 1.2 acre lot I'd like to pursue. The owner owes about $800.00 in taxes for 2014-2015. The county has the market value of the property at $31,000 and I would estimate the value of $16,000 based on what I found on Redfin(no lots have sold recently, but the land value of the homes that have sold is around $14,000-$15,000 per acre. I would like to send a cover letter and purchase agreement to the owner. Based on the information I've provided, what do you think I should offer the owner? Thanks in advance for your response."

"This is a fun forum. So I have a fun question. I am buying four properties that are on one deed. I will probably sell them separately. Should I create four different new deeds to be signed by the seller?"

"Hi, I am new to the group and wanted to get an opinion on something. I purchased a property at a tax sale recently. I followed the advice from a title company and searched the Official Records section of the county website. They told me that any recorded lien would show up there. I did my search and no liens showed up. I went ahead and purchased the land for $2000. It has a land value of about $7000. Within a week, I got a letter from the city's code enforcement office saying that there are $11,000 worth of code enforcement liens on the property. I obviously have no interest in paying this or the funds to do it. I would love to get it out of my hands, but I doubt selling it is an option. Should I just put it in an LLC and wait for it to go to tax auction again in 5 years? I have concerns about the lien amount getting substantially bigger and the city coming after me. I did speak with the County tax sale office and they were surprised that the liens didn't show but basically said "too bad for you." Any thoughts?"

"Just had such a truly amazing 'moment' in this business I just had to share - a woman who lives In Hawaii who I sent a offer letter to called back and said she has more land than she could possibly ever need - 50 acres in Aspen, 25 acres in Hawaii, 12,000 acres in the Philippines, and her own private island. Her kids are too lazy to care about any of it. If I value her 6 parcels in Park, Colorado she would love for me to have them.. Just send the paperwork and they are mine (no money) -- I'm in shock. ..."

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